Adorable Proposal of a man asks stepchild if she’d like to be his ‘daughter forever’

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He’s going to be one heck of a stepdad!

William proposed to his girlfriend of two years with a ring but he also wanted to make sure her daughter Maddie felt included — after all, they would be officially forming a new family.

William Ledbetter's 'proposal' to his future stepdaughter

So William decided to “propose” to future stepdaughter Maddie by getting down on one knee and asking, “You want to be my daughter forever, too?” The beautiful moment was watched by 1 million viewers after being uploaded late last year. It was reposted on Imgur, where it received more than 7 million views in 24 hours and we can certainly see why.

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Sources: Huffingtonpost. Photo courtesy of WILLIAM LEDBETTER

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