Meem is an ethical mobile network operator providing sim-only plans to consumers in the UK. It’s an initiative that is working to change the way that we use mobile phones by turning our handheld devices into a force for good. We believe mobile phones are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family but with Meem and its charity partners, they can also save lives worldwide.

Our unique value proposition is to donate 100% of the profit generated from each and every contract directly to a customer nominated charity. We have engaged multiple charities and received positive responses.

We are seeking leading charities who share our vision and ethics to join our partnership.

Top 6 reasons to join us

We believe working together is crucial to achieve greater good and we want our partnership to be mutually fruitful for both parties. Here are some benefits the partnered charities will receive:

1. It’s free to join
We believe it is our duty to help those who are fighting poverty through creative and innovative means.

2. Increase monthly donations
We will donate 100% of our profits to our customer nominated charities every month. We aim to donate total amount of £50,000 in our first year.

3. Brand recognition
We will include your brand in our nationwide campaigns through billboards, bus stops and tv advertisements. As well as major Islamic exhibitions and ethical conferences, such as: Muslim Lifestyle Show in Olympia, Living Islam in Lincolnshire and Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester.

All our print marketing materials and staff clothing will feature our charity partners for maximum brand awareness.

4. Reach your supporters directly
We will be able to promote your latest campaigns to customers that have nominated your charity directly through text messages, emails and letters.

5. Host joint events
We want to host nationwide Meem meetups and events. There will be opportunities for your charity to promote and fundraise at these events.

6. Joint marketing campaigns
We have vast experience in building effective campaigns through our knowledge and resources at running a successful design agency (The Play Studio). We want to work together with you to build successful campaigns.

Expectations from us

Here are 5 things you can expect from us

  1. Monthly contributions
  2. Organise joint events and campaigns
  3. Promoting your organisations via social media
  4. Dedicated page for each respective charity on our website
  5. Keeping supporters informed of the great work the charities are carrying out with their contributions
Ready to join?

Simply email our founder Mehedi at

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