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Flexible 30-day rolling sim-only deals from £1, cancel anytime

Get 99% nationwide coverage with our EE powered sim, with no speed restrictions, making it faster on average than Three, Vodafone and O2.

We also donate 10% of our profit to your charitable causes at no extra cost to you.

Sim-only plans on sale

60GB Data

Unlimited mins and texts

£25 a month (for 3 months)
£35 a month

Offer ends in

Starter plan

100 Free Mins + 50 Texts

£1 a month (for 3 months)
£3 a month

Offer ends in

Great deals on other sim-only plans

30GB Data

Unlimited mins and texts

£20 a month

10GB Data

Unlimited mins and texts

£15 a month

3GB Data

Unlimited mins and texts

£13 a month

1GB Data

Unlimited mins and texts

£10 a month

Nationwide coverage

Nationwide coverage

Go anywhere with 99% coverage and unthrottled superfast data

Check coverage

Regular charity

Regular charity

We donate 10% of our profits to a cause of your choice.

More about us

No contract

No contract

All our sim-only deals are 30-day rolling contracts, cancel anytime.

Enjoy freedom

Roam like home within 28 EU countries

One SIM fits all

Tethering allowed & unthrottled superfast data

No credit check

Keep your existing number

Frequently asked questions

How can I keep my number?

It’s simple, text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to instantly get the PAC code from your existing provider and let us know when you are ready.

This won’t disrupt your service.

Is EU roaming included?

Yes! If you’re travelling within the EU you can use your allowances as you would at home, with no extra charge!

However, some countries are in Europe but not in the EU. So check out this handy list.

Can I tether?

Your data allowances are yours to use how you want. You can tether and use your phone as a mobile hotspot with no speed restrictions with your full allowance if you want to!

When do I get billed?

We use GoCardless to securely collect your payments (roughly) 30 days after you’ve joined, payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guaranteed for your extra peace of mind.

When does my allowance reset?

Rather than remember another extra date alongside all the other important dates, we’ve made it easy.

Your minutes, texts and data allowances reset 1st of every month and ends at the end of every month.

How much goes to charity

10% of profits from your monthly bill goes to the charitable cause of your choice.

We’re on a mission to change the world by transforming your mobile phone into a force for good and fight poverty

Why charity

We believe it is our duty to fight extreme poverty, save our planet and protect its wildlife. Together we want to start the change that transforms lives globally by supporting those who are fighting poverty on our behalf.

Our causes

We support charities that provide food, water, education, medical, orphan programmes, environmental initiatives and animal welfare.

Joining is fast and simple

Select this plan

Select a plan, make payment and your free SIM will be delivered to you in just 2 working days.

Activate your sim

Once received, we’ll activate your sim and ask if you want to keep your existing number.


Enjoy our fast and reliable service knowing you are having a positive impact on this earth.

“The service provided is excellent. The great thing is that a part of your bill is going to a charity of your choice which is doing your bit for the greater good.”

– Mo Idris

Meem let’s you enjoy a great service while keep in touch with your friends and family but also help your charitable causes.

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