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Brilliant Floating Schools in Bangladesh

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Quarter of Bangladesh is gets flooded during the monsoon season. A country that struggled with global warming-induced floods for many years now. Bangladesh now endures two annual floods, leaving millions of people without access to clean water, electricity, and other basic amenities for huge portions of the year.

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has come up with an incredibly simple alternative: build homes, health care offices, and schools that can float. Founded by a Bangladeshi architect named Mohammed Rezwan in 2008, the nonprofit runs a fleet of almost a hundred boats that offer education to kids and their parents, as well as access to libraries, health care, and information about agriculture and financial management. “I like the floating school,” says one young student. “During the Monsoon, water is everywhere. Everything is shut down. Only the floating school comes around at that time, right up to our doors.” Rezwan, speaking over email, compares the program to a cross between a school and a school bus.

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