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Manoj – Billionaire Solving World Problem

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Manoj Bhargava, who made billions selling 5-Hour Energy drinks in gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S., is now inventing ways to solve world problems. Including: reducing pollution, grow food or medicine. Click here to watch the full documentary.
There are billion of us in the world today and we’re facing some huge crowd awareness doesn’t reduce pollution grow
food that takes doing Manoj Patil the founder of five hour energy I realize
we’re making a lot of money he has cracked the Forbes billionaire list if
you have well it’s a duty to help those who don’t you know he’s trying to save
the world right yeah that’s happening over there we’re going to get mentioned
shop also known as stage two most well-funded playhouse for engineers you
can possibly have our goal is to deliver products which can directly impact
humanity if you come up with something pool that’s not useful why not do it I
have no interest
be cool I actually I’m never going to be cold right now I’m concentrating in
three areas water energy and help the drought has left its mark here some
communities could soon run out of water and tirely China and Africa there’s a
lot of places around the world is a shortage of water
this is the rain project were able to take unusable seawater and can turn it
into a drinking water
a matter of minutes this machine in two thousand gallons and I’ll do this part
which has a lot of units on a couple miles offshore
freshwater pearl and thousands of barges throughout the world we can address add
a co-sponsor people this is a program called electric here is really simple
person uses a hybrid bicycle pedal for an hour of electricity for 24 hours
billions of people this allows them to have an unlimited energy pollution free
that’s everything
staged works and medical devices were working on the project called new
it’s a product that enhances circulation squeeze blood from the legs back into
the poor body so that it’s almost like an axillary heart or circulation is the
basis of the law
illness it’s not about treating disease it’s about preventing disease if you
don’t think through it we just put up more hostile now we’re also doing that
there’s an old story about blind man heading towards a while and there’s a
guy who’s watching if the blind man falls into the well who gets the blame
if you are watching something that you can prevent
gotta do something to change the world
make it better to great experience to be with someone that could comment
difference in other people’s lives not just talk about.
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