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Somali Taxi Driver Who Drives a Rolls-Royce

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Maxamud is a Somali who lives in London and drives a £280,000 Rolls-Royce.

He came to the UK as a refugee and began working as an ordinary taxi driver after college. After much hard work, he opened his own taxi firm.

Now, Maxamud drives a blue Rolls-Royce taxi, a colour he chose to match the colour of Somalia’s flag. His customers include football players and millionaires from the Middle East.

A lesson we can learn from Maxamud is that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy as long as we are humble and thankful for it.

Found on ilmfeed.

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  • J.L.

    Buying a Rolls Royce is being humble? You don’t understand what being humble is. Please look up what that word means. Ever thought about helping the poor Somalians? God bless.

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